The Big Unknown: Slow Dancer, Amber Mark, Awir Leon & Oko Ebombo

The internet is an inexhaustible mecca for music enthusiasts, with platforms like SoundCloud, BandCamp and YouTube offering artists a direct outlet to express their creativity with the world. Obviously, with so much great music out there, it’s hard to know where to start! At COLORS, we’re all about discovering and sharing those hidden gems by emerging artists that we’re incredibly excited about, which is what this series is all about: The Big Unknown.


Slow Dancer

Simon Okely, who previously played guitar for Australian band Oh Mercy, creates breezy atmospheric R&B with a subtle folk-y twist as Slow Dancer. Last month, the Victoria based singer/songwriter shared lead single “Don’t Believe” which is taken from his forthcoming sophomore album In A Mood out later this year. Sprinkled with sizzling synths and groovy guitars to serve as the backdrop for his beguiling vocal tones, the track is an absolute treat and perfect taste of what to expect from the rest of the record.


Amber Mark

New York based singer/songwriter and producer Amber Mark has been releasing her delectable blend of R&B/Soul interspersed with tribal inflections. From the sizzling atmospherics of debut single “SPACE” and the heartfelt and emotional “Monsoon” to the lush sounds of “Way Back” and latest offering “Lose My Cool”, Mark has continued to show why she’s one of the most exciting artists around. With her debut EP 3:33 AM out soon, there’s a lot to look forward to from this promising talent.


Awir Leon

Consider yourself introduced to Awir Leon, whose bewitching and haunting music is the kind that’ll set the hairs at the back of your neck on end. Somewhere in between James Blake and SOHN, the Amsterdam based producer and songwriter manages to give you a sense of freedom whilst simultaneously suffocating you through the deeply intense and utterly captivating production. Despite its short lifespan, latest track “Nothing Goes Undone” packs a punch, with each chord punching a hole in your chest whilst the scintillating electronics coupled with Leon’s voice ease the pain. It’s stunning…!


Oko Ebombo

To say that Oko Ebombo is talented is an understatement. When he’s not dabbling in dance, photography, film and fashion, the Parisian artist is creating soulful pockets of jazz that  ooze class. His equivocally engrossing Naked Life EP which was released last year, is a magnificent opus of arresting production and enticing vocals to create an entirely immersive and unique atmosphere. With just a handful of tracks out so far, Ebombo is most definitely someone to keep on your radar.

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