The Big Unknown: Vesta, Trip Carter, Babeheaven & DAUNT

The internet is an inexhaustible mecca for music enthusiasts, with platforms like SoundCloud, BandCamp and YouTube offering artists a direct outlet to express their creativity with the world. Obviously, with so much great music out there, it’s hard to know where to start! At COLORS, we’re all about discovering and sharing those hidden gems by emerging artists that we’re incredibly excited about, which is what this series is all about: The Big Unknown.



Acquaint yourself with Vesta, your new favourite singer… Last month, the nineteen year Virginia based songstress released her exceptional debut EP called How Singer’s Cry and it’s one that’ll strike a chord with you from the moment you hit play. Opening with the gentle and heartfelt “First Encounter”, the star of the show is undoubtedly Vesta’s stunning voice which floats across the dazzling soundscapes as she sings about love and heartbreak. With How Singer’s Cry, Vesta has shown exactly why she’s one to watch – so keep an eye out!


Trip Carter

If you’re a Hip Hop head and are looking for something that’s a little lighter and laidback, then look no further than Trip Carter, who lays down his smooth intonations over lush soundscapes that are more often than not, produced by collaborator Sad Money. From the groove-inflected “Use” to eclectic “Dose”, the two have formed a brilliant partnership where Carter’s infectious flow and delivery fits snugly with the varying beats laid down by Sad Money.



London five-piece Babeheaven have been quietly impressing with their mesmerising take on indie pop laced with elements of soul and with latest offerings “Your Love” which enlists Deen Spencer and “It’s Not Easy”, the band have truly outdone themselves. Utterly captivating and bewitching, you can’t help but swoon to the soothing tones of lead vocalist Nancy Anderson as they flutter atop the sparkling instrumentation to create an entirely immersive atmosphere. Before hitting play, be warned – because you’ll want to listen again and again and again!



Since introducing himself with the brilliant “This Body Rushes” well over two years ago, DAUNT has been sharing his dreamy slices of “Slow Pop” with touches of R&B in songs like “Drive” and the title-track to his delightful debut EP Unbearable Light which came out earlier this year. What makes both tracks so great is the fact that there aren’t any fancy flourishes in the production, but instead, there’s a minimalist beauty which highlights DAUNT’s powerful songwriting and malleable voice.  

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