Three Acts From Montreal To Vibe To

An introduction to a lesser-known side of Montrealer/Montréalais music culture with Husser’s unflinching rap directory, the rapid-fire rhyme of Speng Squire and the laid-back stylings of Loud.



Five years ago, a new hip-hop collective by the name of The Posterz emerged from the tight-knit Little Burgundy community and since then they’ve released three EPs and toured the world extensively. It was during this time recording and touring with The Posterz that one-third of the crew began penning his own, concentrated formula.


With the playfulness of Little Yachty and the fiery anger of Ho99o9, Husser’s tracks are often backed by slow-moving, retro backbeats, which adds further emphasis to his antagonistic words. His debut album, Geto For The Youth, is due to be unleashed this fall.


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Teaming up with beatmaker DRTWRK, Montreal’s Speng Squire showcases his lyrical stamina and Drake-esque tone on the sorry-not-sorry track “In The Fire”. The song features on his debut project, Expressions Of Now, a powerful first statement from the 20-year-old rapper. It’s crammed with high-speed lines, especially the impressive “Still Do”.


Speaking about his home city scene, Speg Squire says “I really feel like there’s no better time for an up-and-coming artists from Montreal. There’s a wide open lane for us, and my goal with Expressions Of Now is to fill a void of original music.”


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As the largest French-speaking city outside of Paris, we wouldn’t be doing Montreal a justice without also celebrating an artist like Loud, who skilfully weaves French lyrics against a backdrop of laid-back synths and romantic beats, with a smattering of English words thrown in there, because why not?


As with Husser, Loud also began his solo craft as part of a group, the now disbanded Loud Lary Ajust, and this year a solid debut EP, New Phone, in which Loud paints a picture of his dreams, his hood, his life as it stands.


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