Weekly Releases: Charlotte Dos Santos, Vince Staples, Kintaro, Makala & Naji

With another week, comes another great set of releases for you to devour! This week we’re looking at the spellbinding debut album from Charlotte Dos Santos, Vince Staples’ stellar Big Fish Theory, Kintaro’s atmospheric debut EP, Makala’s brilliant Gun Love Fiction and finally Naji’s stunning new EP called The Optimist.



Charlotte Dos Santos is an artist whom oozes class. Her smooth and enrapturing R&B gems blossom and unravel a sensuality whilst conveying emotion and feeling all at once. This past week the Norwegian singer/songwriter released Cleo, her delightfully vibrant and atmospheric debut album which unsurprisingly, shines on all accounts. Her golden musings and gorgeous melodies beautifully complement the elegant instrumentation that soundtrack the ten songs which all encompass a Medieval theme. Marrying the past with the present, nostalgia with freshness, Cleo is a masterful effort from Charlotte Dos Santos.



Following up last year’s powerful Prima Donna EP, Vince Staples returns with one of this year’s best (Hip-Hop/Rap) albums of the year in the form of Big Fish Theory. With features from a host of high profile artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Bon Iver, Damon Albarn, A$AP Rocky, Rick Ross, Jimmy Edgar and SOPHIE, the record boasts a fierce yet instantly accessible array of tracks that impress from start to finish. Vince is undoubtedly at his best here, serving up a record that can only be described as timeless.



Former Internet member and younger brother of Thundercat Jameel Bruner has released Universal, his magnificent debut EP under his new moniker Kintaro. Effortlessly combining elements of soul, funk, hip-hop, trap and R&B into each of the five tracks that make up the project, but it’s with the Anderson Paak. featuring “Mk” where everything just falls into place – the frenetic, warbling production, the slick, equivocal songwriting and unrelenting flow. Bask in Kintaro’s world and stream the EP below.



If you’re looking for a record that goes hard whilst keeping things relaxed and fresh, then look no further than Makala’s latest project Gun Love Fiction. Opening with the dreamy “Piscine Privée”, with it’s groovy guitar licks to serve as the backdrop for the artist’s soothing tones, the track beautifully sets up the rest of the record which takes you on a roller coaster of vibes from the hard-hitting title-track and “Lazer Malvo” to the funky “Algenubi – Varnish La Piscine”.



You may recognise Naji (the name is derived from the Arabic verb “to survive”) from one of our The Big Unknowns, but if not – consider yourself introduced to his uplifting take on R&B. This past week, the singer/songwriter shared a brand new EP called The Optimist, which features five tracks that all seamlessly blend into one another. If there’s one song you listen to, make it “Olu’s House” which enlists elias, if only, Patches, Martin J. Ballou,  RNDYSVGE, Gracy Hopkins and The Kount who all offer their services over a crisp, fiery beat penned by Naji. This one track alone is worth your listen, but the entire EP is on point – a must listen!

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