Weekly Releases: Luke Faas, Puma Blue, Jakob Ogawa, Zack Villere & H.E.R.

There’s been a number of big releases this past week (Lorde, Big Boi and Denai Moore just to name a few), but those are obvious choices, so we thought we’d shine some light on the hidden gems with drops from the likes of Luke Faas, Puma Blue, Jakob Ogawa, Zack Villere and last but by no means least, H.E.R.!



Norwegian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Luke Faas perfectly blends soul with fiery electronics to create a world of sounds that shines from start to finish. A true manifestation of genre-bending music, Faas’ magnificent debut Apathy EP delivers on all accounts with tracks like the previously heard “Why Bother” and “Should’ve Seen It” hitting the mark. Riddled with eclectic and sophisticated flourishes, the project wonderfully finds pockets of simplicity to form that perfect sweet spot of utter satisfaction.



Apart from being almost impossible to Google (you’ll be greeted with countless Puma swimwear results), London artist Puma Blue’s moody and atmospheric alt-pop is quite frankly sensational. Comparisons to a certain King Krule are inevitable, but Puma Blue paves his own path through the extravagant and charming instrumentation as heard in his brilliant Swum Baby EP. Released this past week, the five-track project features “Soft Porn” and “Want Me”, serving as two cornerstones that epitomise the Londoner’s signature sound.



Having absolutely blown us away with a stellar performance of “Let It Pass” for his COLORS show last month, Jakob Ogawa continues to impress with the release of his incredible debut EP Bedroom Tapes. The 19 year-old Oslo based musician lays down his dreamy, hazy vocals atop equally graceful and charming soundscapes that give you a sense of being afloat a cushion of clouds from start to finish. It’s needless to say that this is an absolute must listen!



Formerly known as Froyo Ma, Louisiana based artist Zack Villere turned over a new leaf with the release of his breezy and atmospheric debut single “Cool” which despite its short duration (it’s just over two minutes long), packs quite the punch. This past week, Villere unleashed Little World, his debut album under the new moniker boasting twelve tracks which serve as sweet little pockets of pop fused with elements of alt-rock. A wonderful record to relax to, dive into the Little World of Zack Villere below.


H.E.R. – H.E.R. VOLUME 2

Shrouded in mystery, the identity of H.E.R. is still in question but when the music is this good – it doesn’t matter who’s behind it. Since introducing herself (and absolutely blowing everyone away) with the silky smooth inflections of her Volume 1 tape last year, the R&B singer/songwriter has followed up with the second installment of her project. Over the course of the eight tracks which form Volume 2, H.E.R.’s lush vocals and eloquent songwriting serve as the perfect accompaniment to the stellar instrumentation.

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