808INK – Jeep Cherokee

While they might not be the first London crew that claim to be ‘blurring lines’ between genre, 808INK are pushing harder than most with a consistently impressive output of progressive, road-inspired, electronically-infused hip hop. 


As they mature, the multi-talented duo of Mumblez and 808Charmer, along with their long-time visual collaborator Visual Anubis, are constantly taking steps towards transcending their humble South-London roots. With the release of the Hunger LP last year, which followed underground favourite Billy’s Home LP, it’s becoming increasingly clear that these guys are standing right on the edge of breaking out to become one of the definitive hip hop acts to come out of the UK. 


One thing that separates 808INK is the breadth of their creative material. Subject matters range from the local and personal, to the political and existential, all finding seamless backdrops against the constantly evolving sounds of Charmer’s production and immersive nature of Anubis’ visual wizardry. 


Stripped back to the absolute core, their incredible COLORS rendition of ‘Jeep Cherokee’ demands attention with tight flows and undeniable hooks, skipping across warped elements of 00’s RnB. Stream it above. 

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