Denai Moore – Does It Get Easier?

There’s just something so comforting about London singer/songwriter Denai Moore’s voice – its smooth vibrations soothe and intone as she sings about love, life and empowerment in her exceptional sophomore album We Used To Bloom which dropped last week and served as the follow up to 2015’s equally arresting Elsewhere.


Taking the COLORS stage to perform an absolutely heartwarming rendition of stand out single “Does It Get Easier?”, you can’t help but be taken away by the beauty of  the performance. Replacing the expansive production that graces the studio version of the track, Moore strips things back with nothing but the gentle nuances of the piano to serve as the backdrop to those angelic musings. Singing about understanding the trials and tribulations of life and finding peace in it all, this is one of those songs that blossoms and grows with you the more you listen to it. And in odd way, you find yourself answering the question that the song itself asks – yes, it does get easier.


A breath of fresh air, enjoy the stunning performance above and be sure to check out Denai Moore’s new album We Used To Bloom below.

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