Haux – Sister

Haux, (that’s pronounced “hawks” in case you were wondering), is the musical project of Woodson Black who creates sparkling electro-folk music that brings to mind the likes of Bon Iver and James Blake. Crafting sonic soundscapes that beautifully meld the two worlds, Haux offers an absolutely breathtaking performance of the heartbreaking “Sister” as part of his COLORS show.



The closing track to his incredible All We’ve Known EP which was released just over a year ago, the track encompasses an utterly immersive and ethereal aesthetic which is only heightened by Haux’s haunting vocal performance. Hovering at a touch above a whisper, Haux has you at the edge of your seat as you find yourself entranced, to the point where you’re almost leaning in to hear what secret he’ll share next.


With nothing but the soft strums of his guitar, lose yourself in the emotive performance above, and be sure to check out Haux’s mesmerising All We’ve Known EP below – it’s spectacular!

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