Kadiata – Goodnight

Formerly known as Clixx, South London artist Kadiata aptly describes himself as a “council estate visionary” – and rightly so, because he continues to push boundaries by taking a sound that’s mainstream and making it entirely his own.


Having just released his brilliant Don’t Tell Me Plz a few weeks ago, Kadiata takes us back a few years with a stellar rendition of 2015 cut “Goodnight” as part of his COLORS show. Laying down his lines with a slick flow over a trap-inspired production, this is the perfect example of how the South Londoner brings a refreshing take on what’s become a staple sound in trap music.



Crouching down as he intones “Saying goodnight to the nighttime, I told you I won’t be patrolling when the light shines”, the rapper really gets into the zone as you watch him vibe out to the track which captures the true essence of his hard-hitting songwriting but relaxed and confident delivery. Wave with Kadiata up top and be sure to check out his Don’t Tell Me Plz while you’re at it!

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