Marvin Game – Zeitzonen

There’s simply no stopping Marvin Game. Having already dropped his stellar debut album in the form of the star-studded 20:14 this past April, the Berlin based rapper is set to drop the follow up this Friday. Eloquently titled 20:15, the tape is a natural continuation of its predecessor with previously heard tracks “Obstsalat” and “Bennim dich” wonderfully setting the scene.

However, as part of his COLORS show, Game offers up a performance of “Zeitzonen” (it translates to “Time Zones”), which serves as the closing track to his 20:15 project. Game’s introspective lines about a past relationship delivered with that smoky and direct flow gives the track a heavy and even emotional edge and the brooding instrumentation courtesy of Static Beatz creates a striking atmosphere that paints a wonderful picture, The little intricacies such as the heartbeat sounds towards the end are what make this track so impactful, you can tell that each nuance has been carefully thought out.

As if the timing couldn’t be more perfect, press play on Marvin Game’s magnificent performance of “Zeitzonen” up top and be sure to check out his 20:15 project while you’re at it.

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