Moise – Wildflower

Acquaint yourself with Moise, an artist from St Paul who’s been putting out his refreshing intonations for quite a while now. Ever since he introduced himself with the stunning “Hold On” three years ago, Moise has been growing from strength to strength as his exceptional songwriting and enlightening vocals traipse across the versatile soundscapes that soundtrack his tunes.

Having just released his debut single “Wildflower” this past year, we invited Moise over to perform the gorgeous track with a little help from his friend Will Levison whose brilliant bass lines build the foundation to the track’s simple yet charming production. Produced and recorded in his bedroom on Garageband, “Wildflower” is a slow burner, one that seeps deep into your heart as Moise expresses what the American Dream means to him. The answer: love. It’s not often that you’ll hear a track which effortlessly balances subtle rock influences with R&B, but on “Wildflower”, Moise finds that perfect sweet spot where everything slots into place so effortlessly.

We can’t wait to hear what Moise has in store for us next, but for now, tuck into the show up top!

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