Oddisee – Like Really

“Like Really” is taken from Oddisee’s album, Iceberg, and is easily one of the most politically aware and witty commentaries we’ve heard in a while.


A laidback and mildly disjointed opening of jazzy guitar and drums leads into tightly-woven trap, over which the Brooklyn-via-D.C. artist raps and sings at different tempos. His provocative words are backed by a simple, yet to the the point question, “nah, like really?” It’s as though he can’t believe the world we’re living in and desperately wants answers to choice queries like, “How you gonna make us great when we were never really that amazing?”. A few times, the downbeat percussion takes over with Oddisee’s vocal turning woozy and soulful.


As an African-American with a Muslim Sudanese heritage, this 32-year-old rapper is well aware of what it means to face prejudice, and throughout “Like Really” he speaks from a place of wisdom. There’s also experience to be heard in his genre-crossing hip-hop, that has been perfected over the course of eleven albums and countless more EPs and mixtapes.


Currently wrapping up a three month tour, we’re sure it won’t be long before Oddisee is back in the studio cooking up another batch of conscientious hip-hop.


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