Siboy – Au Revoir Merci

Having fled from his birthplace of Congo as a teenager due to war, Siboy currently resides in Mulhouse, Alsace. With an air of mystery surrounding him, not much else is known about who’s actually behind the music. But when the music is so good – it really doesn’t matter! Serving up a fiery taste of his own blend of hip hop music, Siboy released his magnificent debut album Special earlier this summer.

As part of his COLORS show, Siboy delivers a ruthless performance of “Au Revoir Merci”, the closing track from Special. Donning his signature mask, the rapper makes quite the impression with an absolutely blistering and powerful show that simply blows you away. As soon as that beat kicks in, Siboy comes alive with his relentless and unforgiving verses over the trap inspired beat which gives the track a certain lightness. This wonderfully portrayed in the set design itself through the contrast between Siboy’s black and grey attire and the warm, bright tones from the orange background.

You know what to do – hit play above and don’t forget to check out Siboy’s album Special while you’re at it too!

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