Towkio – Tear Drop

When it comes to keeping good company, Towkio is a master. In only a couple of years he’s gone from being star quarterback of his High School football team, to being the secret weapon of SAVEMONEY gang and running plays with the likes of Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa and Joey Purp.

Like his SAVEMONEY teammates, everything Towkio does is grounded in passion. Last year he released his third studio EP Community Service 2, and the project turned heads for the sheer variety in his performance and subject matters. His emotive vocal inflections shift from suffocating to smooth-as-silk in an instant, keeping his listeners guessing, and always coming with sounds that are original, organic and exciting.



‘Teardrop,’ taken from Community Service 2, is an interminable soliloquy of trap emotion and global contemplation, and stepping up into the COLORS studio, Towkio barely stops for breath. “The world’s gone mad so for that I let a teardrop” he reflects, before spiralling back into a powerfully circular flow, maintaining a particular brand of intensity that all of SAVEMONEY seem to possess. It’s a sight to behold, so take a few minutes out of your day to marvel at Towkio’s hail Mary of a performance.

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